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Today's Forecast for Leek

03:00 12°C Light Cloud Wind:4 mph Rainfall:0mm Cloud:30%
06:00 12°C Sunny Periods Wind:4 mph Rainfall:0mm Cloud:39%
09:00 15°C Sunny Spells Wind:3 mph Rainfall:0mm Cloud:56%
12:00 19°C Scattered Showers Wind:3 mph Rainfall:0.65mm Cloud:54%
15:00 20°C Scattered Showers Wind:1 mph Rainfall:0.9mm Cloud:25%
18:00 20°C Scattered Showers Wind:2 mph Rainfall:1.4mm Cloud:53%
21:00 13°C Scattered Showers Wind:4 mph Rainfall:0.2mm Cloud:72%

4 Day Forecast

Wed 19°C 9°C Sunny Periods
Thu 20°C 13°C Scattered Showers
Fri 16°C 3°C Clear
Sat 18°C 7°C Sunny Spells

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Latest Leek weather forecast. Get today's weather forecast and the 4 day weather forecast for Leek. Read the latest weather reports and weather warnings for Leek on Leek Post & Times.