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Five ways to treat your horse (and yourself) this autumn

By MIG: Leek Post and Times  |  Posted: October 18, 2013

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When the weather gets colder we all feel the need to treat ourselves a little; we buy ourselves jumpers, indulge in hot roast dinners, spoil ourselves with hot chocolate, and we feel a little less guilty for having a warming tipple at the end of the day.

Tis the season to be jolly after all, and we need to build up a little extra layer of warmth for the winter anyway. I’m a firm believer that we should extend this autumnal generosity to our four-legged friends, especially the equine ones, as they often have to live outside in a chilly field or a poorly insulated stable. It’s likely good enough for them, but I’m sure they’d appreciate a new coat just as much as you would…

With that in mind, here’s five ways to treat your horse this autumn (with a little treat for you too):

A Winter Turnout Rug

If you think it’s chilly in the town during winter, imagine how your horse must feel, early in the morning in that open countryside field. Luckily, there are plenty of heavyweight winter turnout rugs available out there, and they’ll smother your horse in warmth right up to their ears. The Horseware Rambo Plus 370g Turnout Rug is one of our favourites.

Horseware Rambo Plus 370g Turnout Rug from Edgemere - £261

A Tasty Treat

A tasty treat always brightens anyone’s day, even when it’s gloomy outside. If your horse loves the irresistible taste of a cherry Likit then why not purchase a Likit Tongue Twister; it’s sure to keep even the most restless of horses entertained when it’s too cold to ride. This treat toy can be put on outdoor enclosure fences, or even hung up in a stable.

Hoof Oil

In winter, our skin dries out and it becomes more important than ever to moisturise and care for ourselves. The same applies to horses; proper hoof care becomes even more essential in the winter months, especially as your horses hooves will be exposed to mud, ice and wet grass frequently. Silverfeet hoof oil is a fantastic daily balm that provides a barrier against the environment, keeping your horse’s hooves in top condition!

Silverfeet Hoof Balm from Edgemere - £9.50

Grooming Kit

Rainy, cold autumn means one thing – mud. If you let your horse out in the field, even if it’s wearing a rug, you can be sure it will come back caked in a layer of thick, dried mud. Horses just love to roll about in it sadly, but afterwards, they don’t appreciate being covered in it, hence the duty falls to the rider to clean it all up. Make sure you’re equipped with a good grooming kit like this Horseware Newmarket Grooming Kit so you can deal with anything your horse throws at you.

Horseware Newmarket Grooming Kit from Edgemere - £27.50

Winter Riding Boots

Ok, so this one is for you, not so much for your horse; Ariat riding boots from Edgemere are a must for autumn and winter riding. They’re specially weather proofed, so there’s no way rain, puddles or even snow are getting anywhere near your feet whilst wearing these. It’s important to treat the rider in autumn too, especially as you’re the one who has to do all that mucking out and extra stable prep over the colder months! You probably deserve it.

Ariat Bromont Dress Tall H2O Boots from Edgemere - £270

All can be purchased from www.edgemere.co.uk

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