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A road traffic survey for Cheadle town centre has been promised by councillor Sybil Ralphs leader of the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council

By Cheadle Post and Times  |  Posted: September 03, 2014

Councillor Sybil Ralphs MBE

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A TRAFFIC survey is being scheduled to take place in Cheadle as concerns over the town's road infrastructure mount.

Leader of Staffordshire Moorlands District Council councillor Sybil Ralphs has requested that an independent road traffic survey be carried out in Cheadle, following up on a pledge she made years ago that no more houses should be built in the town until the roads system is improved.

She said: "I'm concerned about the number of houses, and to reiterate what I said many moons ago before a housing programme comes into action in Cheadle, we need to look very keenly at the lack of road infrastructure.

"Traffic is getting worse by the day, so I have asked Staffordshire Moorlands District Council to do an independent traffic survey in Cheadle to give us a true and accurate picture of the problems that exist because these problems do exist despite what some people say.

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"At peak times in particular the traffic through Cheadle town centre is horrendous."I have asked it to be delayed until the schools are back because there is no use doing anything during August; we need to take into account the school traffic as well and I want it to be done as soon as possible.

"I think having done that will inform us in more detail of the true picture of the lack of road infrastructure, and I'm more convinced than ever that is the case."

The issue was discussed by Cheadle Town Council during a meeting on Monday, September 1, after Alan Lewis, a resident in Beswick Close, Cheadle, wrote a letter outlining his concerns.

In his letter Mr Lewis compares the relative ease of travelling elsewhere in the Staffordshire Moorlands, namely along the B5053 from Bottom House towards Warslow and Longnor, compared to Cheadle.

He said: " I was struck by the smoothness of the surface, the lack of road noise and the complete absence of potholes along this stretch of the road. All this of course made the drive a relative pleasure as I had no need to look out for said potholes.

"The almost complete absence of traffic added to my sense of well-being.

"Contrast this with my regular journeys along one of the main roads out of Cheadle, the A522 to Tean and beyond.

"This road is almost a trunk road, in terms of the number and size of the vehicles using it, being a main arterial feeder for much of the heavy traffic leaving Cheadle to access the A50 and motorway complex.

"Despite this it appears to be treated like a minor road in terms of its upkeep.

"The stretch, in particular, from The Master Potter area to Tean must be one of the worst surfaces in the county, and possibly in the country, for a road with such major use by heavy traffic.

"Driving along it one is constantly on the lookout for the potholes and badly patched up areas.

"Goodness knows how much damage is done to the tyres and suspension of the unfortunates who regularly have to take this route.

"Furthermore road markings are almost non-existent in places adding to the dangers of using it.

"In addition those who walk or run, as I do along its narrow rough and unkept pavement with overhanging nettles, thorns and tree branches, take their life in their hands.

"Huge vehicles are passing within a foot or two of one's body.

"It is only a few years ago that this road was surfaced but the stretch to which I refer was completely neglected.

"Could someone on the council explain to me why the powers that be can find money to resurface, to a high standard, a minor country road with relatively little traffic use whilst an important major road in the neglected town of Cheadle is in its current state?

"Couple the points I have made above with the incredible number of roundabouts and pedestrian traffic lights between the end of the high street and the Co-operative store on Tean Road, and the situation becomes even more of a farce.

"Traffic can often be seen queuing from The Master Potter to the town at certain times of the day.

"In addition the road surfacing that was done a few years ago does not compare with the quality of the work on the B5053. There appears to be little chance of any meaningful by pass system being built in the foreseeable future so presumably the unfortunate citizens of our lovely town and area must continue to put up with this state of affairs."

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