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Urgent call to curb speeding

By Cheadle Post and Times  |  Posted: June 21, 2014

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COMMUNITY leaders and police have vowed to work together to reduce "escalating" problems with speeding motorists.

Cheadle Town Council, Police and Staffordshire County Councillor Mark Deaville discussed the issue of speeding in and around Cheadle during a recent meeting.

Cheadle town mayor councillor Ron Locker said: "The whole stretch from Cellarhead to JCB needs to be looked at.

"There have been three fatalities in three years and there are accidents every week of some description; it's always been notoriously bad.

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"It really is a very fast road and people use it to right up to the 60mph limit, if not more.

"It's all right saying speed kills, but some of these people don't recognise the dangers, especially visitors.

"It's one of the worst roads in the Staffordshire Moorlands. We need to protect people as much as we can and start saving lives."

Councillor Richard Alcock is also concerned about rural roads around Cheadle where there have also been numerous accidents.

He added: "Rakeway Road is just as bad – you can't see around the corners at junctions at the moment because they haven't cut the hedgerows and verges. It's very dangerous driving along the country lanes."

Councillor Ian Plant said that Tean Road was a "very fast" route which also needed to be addressed.

He said: "I use Tean Road every day and from the Bird In Hand pub towards Mobberley, some drivers must be reaching speeds of 60mph the majority of the time.

"There are schools and businesses along that road, with a lot of residential roads leading off it, and it certainly needs looking into."

Councillor Gary Bentley suggested that Staffordshire County Council adopt traffic calming signs similar to those used in Derbyshire. 

He said: "As part of the Derbyshire road safety campaign, they produce these cheap temporary signs detailing how many fatalities there have been and how many prosecutions, as well as the usual warning signs for bikers.

"As a motorcyclist myself, they really do catch your eye and make you slow down."

Councillor Peter Elkin, secretary for Cheadle Neighbourhood Watch, agreed that more needed to be done to reduce speeding in and aruond the town.

He said: "If we can support any way whatsoever to get some speed restrictions and traffic calming measures, we'll be saving lives, there's no two ways about it."

Councillor Neil Plant, who runs the town's Speedwatch scheme with two other volunteers, said that they were trying their best to help deter speeding, but they desperately need more volunteers.

He added: "It would be nice to get more support from the council and members of the public in Cheadle, especially with Speedwatch, because there are only three of us at the moment running this.

"Every road into Cheadle is a problem for speeding; I see it in the early hours of the morning every day, and it's frightening.

"We need more members on Speedwatch so we can get out more, and it's the same for the scheme in Cresswell – it's a very poor show at the moment.

"It's just as bad in Tean and Checkley. Some drivers are like lunatics– they've got no time for anyone and you take your life in your hands if you're on the road at the same time as them."

Cheadle county councillor and cabinet member for highways Mark Deaville praised the Community Speedwatch for doing a "fantastic job" and agreed with all the points raised.

He said: "Speeding motorists is a problem that has escalated alarmingly in this area.

"I am particularly concerned with speeding in Tean Road, Ashbourne Road and Leek Road.

"It is a major concern and I am meeting with Sergeant Glyn Parker and Highways Officers to discuss this matter of vital importance.

"During this, we will be making site visits to areas in and around Cheadle.

"The next Police Liaison meeting will discuss speeding motorists and the Cheadle and Cresswell Community Speedwatch teams have been invited to this meeting.

"Speed checks will continue, with particular emphasis on Leek Road and Ashbourne Road.

"Clearly, we have to concentrate our resources on priority areas and I believe that these roads are local 'hotspots'.

"We are working closely with Cheadle Police and the Safer Roads Partnership. The very best way to see positive results and safer roads is to work in partnership and to prioritise our efforts.

"Safety on our local roads is our key objective and I will continue to work on this."

Cheadle police officer PC Dave Stubbs said that speeding was one of the main issues the police are working on in the town.

They are looking to increase enforcement action against speeding drivers after recent speed checks found more than 100 motorists speeding in and around Cheadle in three days.

He said: "I was gob-smacked about the speeding in Cheadle and I have been out numerous times with the speed gun. The results have been dreadful and there are massive problems.

"I'm working with the Road Safety Partnership team, whom we constantly pester to bring the speed camera vans in to Cheadle.

"We will do everything we can to assist in getting something done on Leek Road, and I'm sure that Staffordshire Fire and Rescue and West Midland Ambulance Service would as well."

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