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Town council want Well Street in Cheadle to become a one-way

By Cheadle Post and Times  |  Posted: April 21, 2014

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TOWN leaders are asking for a busy street in Cheadle's town centre to be turned into a one way system.

Cheadle Town Council is requesting a site visit with Staffordshire County Council to investigate the possibility of Well Street becoming one-way.

The proposal was brought to the town council by councillor for the area Neil Plant, who said: "This has been brought to light by myself and councillor Dave Sargeant after complaints by residents in Robina Drive having difficulty getting down Well Street to Ashbourne Road.

"We have both visited there and even at lunchtime and early in the morning Well Street is completely blocked with traffic.

"There are 10 drives in that section of the road and every drive has at least one car in it, so that adds to the traffic volume as well.

"The clinic has a car park, but obviously at busy periods it gets completely choc-a-bloc, so people are parking on the verges.

"So at that section, where you come from Keeling Road, you can't get across because of people coming into Ashbourne Road and someone's got to give way all the time.

"It is also being used as a rat-run by people coming off Ashbourne Road to Tape Street; it's a nightmare.

"This is going to get worse when they do the Lightwood housing redevelopment and there are even more cars.

"I suggest we contact the highways department and have a site meeting and have a look at this situation."

Councillor Julie Bull suggested that the council waits until after Lightwood is redeveloped before holding a site meeting.

She said: "I'm wondering if we are putting the cart before the horse and being premature in asking for a site meeting.

"We don't want the county council coming and saying it doesn't warrant it now and then when we want them to meet us again after the houses are built and the problems worse to be put off from returning."

But councillor Dave Sargeant said that they needed to get the county council highways engineers to see the problem before it gets worse.

He added: "The residents are saying the situation at the moment is bad and I think we should ask for them to come down at the busiest hours during the day."

Councillor Ron Locker said that this issue had been ongoing for a considerable time and it needed to be properly investigated.

He said: "When you're driving down Well Street and Ashbourne Road you take your life in your hands, it is atrocious.

"We need some advice, it's going to get worse because of the development.

"So I would suggest that they have a look at the possibility of putting in a one-way system."

Councillor Richard Alcock added: "It's bad but I hope it doesn't create another 'Mickey Mouse' one way system."

Councillor Ian Whitehouse pointed out that the plans for houses to be built on the Lightwood site had been passed and the county council highways department had not posed any concerns about the road.

He said: "Highways and Staffordshire Moorlands District Council have passed the plans for Lightwood saying there is nothing wrong and we're going back now saying there is something wrong.

"Why didn't we say something before they decided on the plans?"

Councillor Ivor Lucas told members that more problems are also being created by people misusing the clinic car park in Well Street.

He said: "I use Well Street Clinic and the car park is far too small, but it is also being misused by people who drop their cars off in the car park and walk into town.

"People park along Well Street on the verges and it causes obstruction, we need help with it."

Cheadle county councillor Mark Deaville told members that he also uses Well Street Clinic and has identified problems there.

He said: "I don't know whether this issue was discussed when the Lightwood plans were approved, but even if it was it is a problem and you are quite within your rights to ask for it and I will ask for a meeting; I want to see these issues resolved."

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