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Speed watch on dangerous road

By MIG: Leek Post and Times  |  Posted: September 30, 2013

Threapwood resident Stan Eyre and councillor Mark Deaville, with other residents meeting about the 'dangerous' road through Threapwood, near Cheadle.

Comments (0) ACTION is to be taken to introduce traffic calming measures on a 'dangerous' main road near Cheadle.


A total of ten residents in the village of Threapwood met with county councillor Mark Deaville last Thursday to discuss speeding issues along the B5032.

The call for traffic calming measures comes after a number of 'serious' road traffic collisions along the well-used highway which joins Cheadle and Alton.

On August 29, an incident occurred involving two cars and a tractor.

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Although no one incurred any serious injuries, all three vehicles sustained heavy damage causing the road to be blocked for around four and a half hours to allow recovery of the vehicles.

Three weeks before this incident, after a 23-yearold man was left severely trapped when his black Seat Ibiza left the road and collided with a tree along the same road in the early hours of Sunday, August 11.

Residents at the site meeting on Thursday, September 19,with Mr Deaville, expressed their concerns that there could be more serious, even fatal, accidents if nothing was done to try and calm the speeding of traffic along the stretch of road through Threapwood.

During the meeting, there was at least two vehicles seen 'dangerously' over-taking other vehicles along the road. The meeting had been arranged by resident Stan Eyre.

Mr Deaville said: "I am aware of the accidents that have happened along this road a few weeks ago. We have obviously got a major problem here. In the short term I will get a speed watch van down here.

"I think we need to have more awareness of how dangerous this is. We need some sort of signage saying that there is a dangerous crossing here.

"I don't like speed bumps and neither do the emergency services, but we could have red cross hatching (painted lines) across the road warning drivers. This could be a medium term solution.

As for a long term solution we could look into getting a flashing sign. We could also look into getting double white lines along this road to stop over-taking.

"It might be difficult to change but we can have a go at it."

Resident Graham Wright asked that the speed van carry out their observations at busy times of the day. He said: "We have had someone monitoring this road before but at times like 10 o'clock in the morning. However they need to be here at busy times such as 8.30am in the morning or 5pm in the evening."

Mr Deaville said that he agreed that they should be the times when the speed watch team visited the area.

After the meeting, resident Sue Carter, who lives along the B5032, said: "I think it's good that so many people turned out for this meeting - it shows how many people are concerned about this road. A big thank-you to Stan for organising the meeting.

"I appreciate councillor Deaville coming out to see us. I will now look forward to seeing the improvements made."

Mr Eyre added: "I am happy with the turn out of the meeting and do feel that Mr Deaville has listened to us. I am also happy with the possible outcomes of the meeting."

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