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Pride in GCSE results at Westwood College

By MIG: Leek Post and Times  |  Posted: August 22, 2013

Students at Westwood College in Leek collect their GCSE results

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AGAINST a background of concerns nationally about increasing the thresholds for GCSE achievement, Westwood College students have produced some really strong performances.

The pass rate for students achieving five or more A*-C grades was 74 percent and for five including English and Maths, it was 63 percent.

Ninety-nine percent of Year 11 gained five or more A*-G grades and 100 percent achieved at least one grade A*-G.

There was an outstanding performance by students studying Level 2 Vocational courses where 36 percent of all the grades were awarded either Merit or Distinction.

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Headteacher Richard Hey said: "This level of performance has significantly improved the options our students have for life post-16.

"It can be argued that the national averages for five plus A*-C are raised as a consequence of the increase in the number of 'vocational' courses taken nationally, with many schools using these courses to boost their position in league tables.

"The attainment of students following a more 'traditional' curriculum like Westwood's evaluated against national averages in this measure will be 'depressed' as a result.

"We will continue to provide a traditional, academic curriculum composed mainly of GCSEs for the vast majority of our students because this is the best curriculum to enable our students to progress to employment or Further and Higher Education.

"We will also continue to enable students to have as wide a vocational curriculum as possible where it is the best thing for them.

"A number of individual performances have been truly outstanding with 17 achieving at least nine A* or A grades or their equivalent."

The 17 students include: (the number in brackets indicates the number of A/A* grades, or their equivalent) Emily Alcock (9), Peter Aston (12), Molly Belfield (10), Lizzie Binns (10), Zoe Cope (9), Megan Davies (11), Daniel Deaville (10), Lucy Eeles (10), Daisy Egerton (10), Alix Fish (9), Harriet Fowler (13), Oliver Jones (11), Rhiannon Matthias (10), Chloe Rhead (9), Jeorgia Rowbottham (10), Connor Ryder (9), Becki Wood (11).

Mr Hey added: "Pete Aston’s Further Maths result gained the highest possible recognition with the extremely rare A* Distinction grade, making a nationally significant result.

"There have been impressive successes across the year group and many have the right to feel proud of their achievements. "Senior Learning Mentors would particularly like to praise: Liam Dimmick, Chelsea Hammonds, Ruth Aidley, George Mellor, Sam Avalontis and Stamatis Magafas.

"The last two achieved strong GCSE results in just twelve months having joined the College in September 2012 from a completely different educational system.

"Students, families and staff can all take pride in these results. These achievements are the results of high quality teaching and learning, the high expectations we have of young people and the tremendous support of their parents.

"The majority of students will now go on to further success in the Westwood Sixth Form. To everyone concerned – our very best congratulations."

Mr Hey added what Westwood's recipe for success is: "Experienced and knowledgeable subject teachers who know how to prepare students for examinations, along with dedicated and skilled personal tutors who give crucial counselling and advice when necessary."


Full results list for GCSEs at Westwood College

(name, passes and - in brackets - those passes above grade C)

B Adams 12(12); J Affleck 5(4); Ruth Aidley 10(7); Ryan Aidley 8(2); E Alcock 12(12); L Alcock 12(12); E Amson 11(6); A Andrews 12(8); A Armstrong 10(4); Jon Aston 12(11); Joseph Aston 13(13); P Aston 13(12); T Aston 12(12); S Avlonitis 8(8); Lucy Bailey 12(11); Luke Bailey 6(1); S Balah 11(9); M Balderstone 13(13); T Ball 9(4); H Banks 13(11); H Bateman 12(9); A Beardmore 11(6); L Beardmore 9(4); M Belfield 14(14); R Bennett 13(12); J Berrisford 12(11); G Bestwick 10(8); A Billinge 11(3); L Binns 13(13); J Birch-Machin 12(11); L Bossons 14(13); J Bowyer 10(5); J Bowyer 10(3); M Bradshaw 9(3); S Bradshaw 13(8); A Burkitt 12(12); K Campion 11(8); E Cartwright 11(11); M Cook 10(5); D Cooke 12(7); C Cooper 11(10); D Cooper 11(5); E Cope 12(11); O Cope 12(12); S Cope 8(2); Z Cope 13(12); R Corbett 12(11); D Corden 13(13); N Crawford 12(12); D Crewe 9(3); T Critchlow 9(3); R Dakin 11(11); M Dale 11(11); M Davies 13(13); M Dawson 11(7); D Deaville 13(12); G Dennison 11(11); L Dimmick 11(11); K Dutton 11(8); J Dwyer 11(11); L Eeles 12(12); D Egerton 13(12); R Evans 11(8); C Fearn 12(11); R Ferns 11(11); A Fernyhough 13(13); A Fish 12(12); C Fisher 9(5); L Flint 11(3); H Fowler 13(13); G Fox 12(12); B Gater 11(10); J Gilman 12(10); B Gleave 12(10); A Goldstraw 11(6); A Goodwin 10(2); R Goodwin 14(14); H Gordon 6(3); D Graham 12(10); G Grindon 10(4); F Gunn 12(12); C Hammonds 12(11); B Hannan 12(12); M Hansell 12(12); B Hargreaves-Deegan 13(12); S Hayes 12(11); C Heath 11(6); L Heath 12(12); C Heery 13(13); S Hicks 12(7); C Hine 12(12); H Hollins 12(12); G Holton 12(8); A Hughes 10(7); J Hulme 13(13); S Hulme 11(1); C Husselbee 11(7); K Jackson 11(8); N Jackson 7(3); L Jacquemart 9(0); M James 7(4); T Jenkinson 12(7); C Jones 11(3); O Jones 11(11); M Kelly 10(4); E Kelsall 12(11); C Kitchener 13(10); J Knight 6(2); M Knight 11(10); H Krzysica 12(12); R Latham 7(2); E Law 8(3); J Lewis 9(3); H Lockett 12(12); B Longbottom 12(12); J Lowe 9(2); M Lowe 11(8); L Machin 12(9); A Maddan 7(3); S Magafas 8(8); C Malkin 4(1); L Malkin 11(8); J Mallen 12(12); L March 11(9); C Marriott-Manning 12(12); D Mart 12(12); J Mason 5(0); R Mathias 13(13); R Mayer 12(11); J McCarthy 12(10); M McMahon 12(10); K Meakin 12(11); D Mellor 10(7); G Mellor 10(9); G Mellor 11(6); A Montgomery 13(11); J Moseley 11(3); G Murray 11(10); P Newby 12(10); J O'Reilly 8(1); M Painter 12(12); J Palmer 10(4); L Parton 11(10); M Parton 12(6); D Perkins 9(6); J Pointon 12(10); G Potter 11(8); S Potts 12(11); B Povey 12(11); J Pritchard 11(9); T Ratcliffe 6(0); C Rhead 12(12); D Rhodes 11(9); J Richards 11(6); J Ridge 9(2); C Robinson 11(6); E Robinson 12(11); L Robinson 12(11); J Rowbotham 13(13); O Rutter 8(5); C Ryder 14(14); M Sales 11(10); N Scriven 8(3); T Selliah 9(2); S Sharp 12(9); D Sharratt 9(4); H Sharrock 10(5); D Sheldon 8(4); L Simpson 12(10); B Slack 11(10); H Smith 10(4); L Smith 12(11); M Stevenson 12(10); G Stockley 11(6); J Stone 9(5); L Stonier 10(3); M Stubbs 11(5); J Swann 11(5); B Thomas 12(9); E Titterton 7(1); B Towers 8(3); R Trafford 13(13); E Traini 12(9); C Turner 9(1); S Turner 7(1); R Vaughan 11(8); G Ventura 9(6); A Wain 13(13); T Walker 12(10); B Walters 8(1); A Walthall 13(13); T Webster 7(2); G Wheel 13(13); S Wheeldon 11(8); M Whitehouse 13(13); K Williams 8(2); R Williams 11(11); C Wilson 13(13); N Wilson 12(11); P Wintle 8(3); B Wood 12(12); J Wood 9(4); M Wood 12(11); B Woolley 11(11); S Woolliscroft 11(9).


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