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Planning weddings is a joint venture

By Leek Post and Times  |  Posted: May 26, 2014

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Making plans for the wedding, once the sole territory of the bride-to-be, now tends to be more of a joint exercise. So you don't get out of it that easily guys!

At the outset, it's a good idea to start off by agreeing a budget. A sensible conversation between the pair of you about costs and expenditure at this stage could save thousands of pounds and gallons of tears later on.

The When and the Where

Actively engage in the conversation in which the venue is chosen and the date set. Then you can't complain later if the wedding takes place on the same day as the World Cup Final in a technology-lite cave in the middle of nowhere.

The Rings

However non traditional the rest of the occasion may be, there's something rather nice about the idea of the groom paying for his bride's wedding ring. Choose it — and yours if you are having one — together, but make sure you are the one bringing out the credit card.

The Guests

Whether you are inviting just a few close friends or half of the population of the UK, ensure that it's a balanced guest list with people who are special to both you and your fiancé. Draw up your wedding gift list (if you are having one) together. If guests are kind enough to want to buy you a present it should be something on which you both agree.

The Legal stuff

It was customary for the groom to take responsibility for ensuring all the legal requirements were met, together with paying all the church of registrar's fees. Decide, too, if you want to take out insurance.

The Best Man

When it comes to choosing your best man it may be a no-brainer.

It could be your oldest mate, your brother or your next-door neighbour, as long as it's someone who is ready, willing and able to take on the responsibilities and duties, not only on the day itself but in the run up to the wedding.

Just one word of warning: think twice about asking someone your bride-to-be can't stand — however many years you have known him and pints you've sank together.

Someone she is comfortable with will make the day run more smoothly.

The Stag Do

Traditionally the arrangements for that memorable pre-marriage bash, the stag night, fall on the capable shoulders of your best man.

But it's a good plan to avoid possible misery, great embarrassment and even greater explanations to your bride to be by getting involved in the planning stages.

The Honeymoon

Booking the honeymoon used to be 'A Groom Thing'. Try to do it in secret these days and you may jeopardise the next 40 years of married life. After all the planning, excitement and the stress it's going to be a much needed holiday, so make sure it's exactly what you both want.

The Speech

You may hate the very idea of it but you will need to stand up and give a speech of thanks, it's a basic expression of courtesy to thank your guests for their attendance and gifts — and you are making it on behalf of you AND YOUR WIFE!!! Yes, it may be the first time you have ever described her as such so you might as well enjoy it.

Just remember to prepare well in advance, give yourself plenty of time to practice and get it right.

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