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A Level Results: Moorlands Sixth Form College in Cheadle, Staffordshire

By Cheadle Post and Times  |  Posted: August 14, 2014

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In a year of considerable change in the world of Sixth Form examinations, the Moorlands Sixth Form College have managed to maintain their traditional place as one of the highest performing colleges in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire.

Despite not having the opportunity to spread their examination load with a January entry, students gained a greater number of higher grades (A*/A) than ever before. 99.8% of students passed their A level exams and 100% of vocational students passed their courses with 88% gaining either a Distinction or Distinction*. This is an exceptional result for the College, students and teachers. Many students undertook a mixture of vocational and A level courses. 

For example, Becky O’Connor gained Distinction* Distinction* in Health & Social Care, a grade A in A level Psychology and a B in English Language. As every year, there are too many students who have performed exceptionally well to all be named.

Students with learning and physical disabilities have reached their full potential and all our students have been given a strong foundation to move forward confidently to the next stage of their lives, be it at university, as an apprentice or in a career.

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Students with the very highest grades include Emma Ball, Babik Dobel-Ober, Joe Henshall, Thomas Plant and Amy McKenna, each with a string of As and A*s. 

Lizzie Casey must be congratulated for gaining her place at Yale University, USA, as must Tom Baskeyfield for successfully gaining a place at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Most other students will take up their places in British universities in the new academic year.

Steve Richman, the outgoing Director stated how pleased and proud he was of all the 187 students who completed their final exams this year. He wished them every success in the future and hoped they would stay in touch with the College. 

He was particularly pleased that in his final year as Director the students had responded so well to the ‘can do’ positive ethos that he and all the College staff have established over the past eight years.

Students in Year 12 have yet again gained the best AS level results recorded at the College with 41% getting either A or B grades (the national figure being around 35%).Similarly 94.4% gained grades between A and E, whereas nationally it is around 86%. 

Many Year 12 students performed exceedingly well with Alex Kingsley, Megan Ellis and Dan Jones each achieving straight A grades at AS level. Dan should also be congratulated for completing his full A level in Business Studies in one year. 

Ellie Claughton, Zoe Gibbon, Chloe Hickey, Kara Hussey and Olivia Jackson all gained 3 A grades and one B grade. Daniel Beck, Rory Bradbury and Ryan Day gained four Distinction*s in their vocational courses.

Steve Richman concluded by stating that such outstanding results are only obtained through students working exceptionally hard and having a positive work ethic. 

He said: "Students at the Moorlands Sixth Form College are a pleasure to work with and it has been an honour and privilege to lead the College over the last nine years.

"I would also like to thank the teaching and support staff for their outstanding contribution to the success of the College and the students celebrating such excellent results today. 

"Moorlands Sixth Form College is a happy place in which to work for both students and staff and being able to step down at such a positive moment the history of the College is very satisfying."

A Allt +PuS,ICT,^AC; G Bailey +BS,^AC,TT; A Ball So,+BS,^AC; E Ball BS,G,E Lang,ICT,^AC; T Baskeyfield L,+PuS,BS,ICT,^AC; J Beard *MSt,EL,Tex,^AC; C Beardmore L,So,BS,^AC; M Beardmore MM,A,Ge,^AC; J Berisford DT,MSt,+ICT,^AC; R Biddulph So,G,H,^AC; J Bird *FM,DT,Ph,MM,^AC;

D Blinco Ps,+HSC,^AC; R Bowes B,H,+PfA,Ps,^AC; D Bowler *C,B,H,^AC; T Bowyer C,G,Geo,^AC; C Bradbury +BS,EL,^AC; R Bradshaw MM,H,Ge,^AC; Z Brassington MSt,+ICT,+PuS,^AC; D Bratt +PuS,MT,+ICT,Ph,^AC; E Bratt +PuS,+HSC,^AC; H Brindley Sc,+ICT,E Lang,^AC; R Brindley FM,Ec,C,MM,^AC;

K Brookes L,EL,E Lang,^AC; A Brough So,MSt,EL,^AC; J Buckley Dra,H,+PfA,+PuS,^AC; A Burnett L,So,MS,^AC; B Burnett *Da,+HSC,^AC;

H Burnett L,So,Ps,^AC; A Byatt H,EL; J Caine A,Tex,Phot,^AC; N Campbell MSt,+BS,Phot,^AC; V Carrieri Ps,H,+HSC,EL,^AC; D Carroll MT,MSt,+ICT,^AC; E Casey B,EL,Ge,^AC; J Chell So,E Lang,Ps,^AC; A Clayton +PE,+PuS,^AC; D Clee DT,Co,MM,^AC,*FM; Abigail Colclough Sc,+HSC,^AC; Adam Colclough +BS,+ICT,^AC; L Collins So,+HSC,^AC; O Cooper E Lang,Ec,BS,^AC; R Cooper *MSt,BS,Co,^AC; P Copcutt *Da,+HSC,^AC; A Cope BS,G,Ph,^AC; S Darlington +BS,Ps,^AC; A Davies +BS,+ICT,^AC; E Davies *Ph,*TT,E Lang,^AC; B Davis Ps,+HSC,^AC; L Dawson DT,+ICT,+PuS,^AC; A Day B,C,Ph,^AC; J Degg *G,+PuS,+BS,H,^AC; B Dobel-Ober FM,Mu,Ph,MM,^AC; S Dukes B,C,MM,^AC; J Edwards Ph,Co,MM,^AC; E Emery G,BS,ICT,^AC; J Emery +BS,+PuS,^AC; A Fallows C,B,Ph,^AC; Mark Fallows DT,+PuS,TT,^AC; Melissa Fallows BS,So,+PuS,^AC; T Fearn So,Ph,EL,^AC; J Feltham *MSt,Dra,+PfA,^AC; B Finney BS,Ps,H,^AC; L Fisher Sc,+BS,^AC; M Forrester A,Tex,+ICT,^AC; D Freeman Dra,+ICT,+PfA,^AC; K Ghuman L,BS,B,^AC; O Gordon L,+BS,RS,^AC; A Green BS,H,Ph,^AC; R Green C,Ph,MM,^AC; A Haller *TT,MT,+PfA,^AC; J Hamer DT,A,+ICT,^AC; J Hames +PuS,+HSC,^AC; C Hardisty *BS,+ICT,+PuS,^AC; K Harnett A,Tex,+ICT,^AC; H Harrison So,MSt,Phot,^AC; R Harrison E Lang,EL,Ge,^AC; H Hartley B,A,Phot,^AC; J Haslam C,UM,Ph,B,^AC; T Hayne Dra,So,EL,^AC; L Heames MSt,+BS,^AC; E Heaton Sc,PE,+ICT,^AC; J Henshall MM,Co,Ph,^AC; L Hordern *B,PE,Ps,^AC; T Howell MSt,EL,H,^AC; C Hughes Phot,+ICT,^AC,*TT; A Hurst A,Phot,+ICT,^AC; E Jackson *E Lang,H,+HSC,^AC;B Jennings C,MM,B,^AC; S Johnson +PE,TT,^AC; W Jones *ICT,Ph,MM; E Kaine *G,H,ICT; L Kelly BS,E Lang,ICT,^AC; A Kilgannon MSt,E Lang,EL,^AC; B Kington L,So,H,^AC; J Laudanski Mccallum +PE,Sc; R Leake Ps,E Lang,EL,^AC,Mu; G Licata Ps,+HSC,^AC; J Lister +PE,^AC; D Louth +ICT,+HSC,^AC; G Lovatt *BS,MSt,Ps,^AC; Jacob Lovatt *EL,E Lang,H,^AC; James Lovatt *BS,MM,Co,^AC; L Machin L,H,RS,^AC; L Maddox Ps,PE,EL,^AC; D McCormack BS,B,MS,^AC; A McKenna G,Geo,ICT,^AC; C Middleton-Hill *BS,PE,ICT,^AC; J Miller BS,MSt,EL,^AC; L Millward TT,G,Ps,^AC; D Milner Sc,TT,ICT,^AC; Chloe Moore +ICT,^AC,TT; Connor Moore MM,Ps,H,^AC; T Moore +ICT,Co,+PuS,^AC; D Moorhouse *Ph,*MM,Mu,Co,^AC; L Morgan +PE,+PuS,TT,^AC; K Morrey +HSC,^AC,+BS; B Moult BS,Ec,+PuS,^AC; E Murt So,Ps,H,^AC; J O'Connor DT,Ph,MM,^AC; R O'Connor E Lang,Ps,+HSC,^AC; M Oulsnam +BS,+PuS,^AC; A Pattinson B,H,MS,^AC; B Pearson EL,+HSC,^AC; C Pegg Dra,EL,+PfA,^AC; S Phillips MM,Ec,Ph,^AC; J Pickard-Rose MSt,E Lang,MM,^AC; W Pickford Dra,+PfA,^AC; B Plant +PE,+PuS,^AC; L Plant B,Ps,MM,^AC; M Plant *G,E Lang,+PuS,^AC; T Plant C,Ph,MM,^AC; I Prince Ps,B,^AC; A Pritchard B,C,MS,^AC; T Procter +PE,+ICT,BS,^AC; A Ratcliffe So,G,RS,^AC; O Roberts B,C; E Robinson C,MM,B,^AC; K Robinson Ps,Tex,EL,^AC; J Roughton Dra,+PfA,EL,^AC; A Rowley L,H,E Lang,^AC; M Sellers C,Ph,MM,^AC; C Shaw Ps,+HSC,^AC; E Sheldon Sc,B,Ph,^AC; Z Simister BS,Co,ICT,^AC; R Simon So,EL,Ps,^AC; B Singsom +BS,+ICT,^AC,TT; Harry Smith +PE,+BS,^AC; Holly Smith Dra,EL,E Lang,^AC; James Smith B,G,H,+PuS,^AC; Jodie Smith B,MM,C,Ps,^AC; O Smith A,Tex,Phot,^AC; R Sollitt G,Geo,B,^AC; C Southern *TT,DT,PE,^AC; E Spooner E Lang,EL,Phot,^AC; H Stanway MM,Ps,E Lang,H,^AC; B Staton +BS,+PuS,^AC; S Stephens Dra,+PfA,^AC,*So; C Stubbs So,+HSC,^AC; C Summerhill L,+BS,^AC; S Sutton Ps,+HSC,^AC; J Tanner +PE,+ICT,^AC; G Tatlow Sc,*Ph,BS,^AC; G Thorley MM,Ph,EL,^AC; K Thorley B,+PfA,Ph,^AC; L Thornton DT,H,MM,^AC; S Tyler FM,MM,Ph,^AC; A Walker F,Mu,Ge,^AC; H Walklate Dra,MSt,+PfA,^AC; J Ward MM,G,Co,^AC; T Whieldon *BS,L,+PuS,+ICT,^AC; B Whiston +PuS,BS,H,^AC; H Wilkinson BS,TT,ICT,^AC,*TT; C Wilson B,PE,MS,^AC; K Wozniak DT,MM,Ph,^AC; 

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