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Leek trader Kevin Park's fury at parking fine at Smithfield Centre car park

By Leek Post and Times  |  Posted: January 30, 2014

By Leslie Jackson

  • The van where one of the front wheels was just on the line, and the rear wheel which was two-and-a half inches over.

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A TRADER has been left fuming after receiving a parking ticket – just 24 hours after major roads works started in the town centre.

Kevin Park owns Leek Cycle Solutions in The Smithfield Centre, Leek, and has purchased an annual permit to park his van on the car park at the rear.

However, last week he went to his vehicle and found that he had been given a £25 fine – which rises to £50 in not paid in 14 days – for having one of his back wheels two-and-a-half inches over the white bay line.

Mr Park said: "Times are difficult and traders are having to carry on during another six months of road works in the town.

"The district council said they were going to support traders during the work, then 24 hours later a parking attendant comes around and does this.

"It is a complete waste of time and effort and makes a mockery of the whole system.

"It seems they have nothing else to do but fine people for the slightest of things.

"It is very tight to get a large van completely in the bays when the car park is full.

"If this is what they are going to do then no-one will come to the town, especially with the road works chaos.

"These road works have been forced upon us and then they treat people like this." Mr Park has now appealed against the decision, stating it was harsh.

Mr Park added: "Times are hard as we have to continually find rent and business rates, then they hit you with this. It is so crazy.

"We should all be working together.

"The back tyre was just two-and-a-half inches over, as I measured it.

"It was causing no obstruction as there is only walking space at the side of the vehicle."

A spokesman for Staffordshire Moorlands District Council said: "The council's civil enforcement officers operate to a Staffordshire-wide parking enforcement policy to ensure a fair and standardised approach.

"The policy is sensitive to the local area, the needs of its residents and visitors and, particularly, its impact on the local economy.

"Enforcement is necessary to ensure parking is safe and that it maximises the provision to enable anyone seeking a space to be able to find one.

"However, it is seen by the council as a last resort and we would prefer to move on vehicles that contravene the policy rather than issue parking tickets. We cannot comment on Mr Park's situation other than to confirm that the parking ticket was issued correctly and in line with policy as the vehicle was parked outside of the marked bay.

"Mr Park has challenged the issuing of a ticket and there is a statutory process that all challenges go through which is handled by the council's notice processing team.

"Mr Park will be contacted by them as soon as this process is complete."

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  • JonJed  |  February 02 2014, 8:51PM

    This ticket needs to be cancelled. 2.5 inches I ask you. Why don't these enforcement officers ticket the hundreds of cars that park half on the pavement and half on the road. Making it difficult to walk past them without walking sideways. Parents with pushchairs, mobility scooters etc have to go around them by going on the road. The police are not interested. The council doesn't seen to be bothered, unless you are 2.5" over a white line that is. I rang the council some weeks ago to report a car parked completely on the pavement so no one could get past it. It was there for 6hrs until 5pm when it drove off. Was there a ticket on it "NO" Or isn't parking on the pavement breaking the law these days.

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