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Leek & District Darts League

By Leek Post and Times  |  Posted: December 18, 2013

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Leek & District Darts League

DIVISION One leaders Dyers Arms III showed no mercy for their compatriots as they demolished Dyers II, dropping only one leg.

Second-placed Ashcombe beat Ball Haye Tavern III but lost ground. Butchers Arms enjoyed a resounding win over Dyers IV to replace them in third spot.

Travellers Rest continue to make their way to first division status, although they were made to fight all the way against a spirited Ashcombe Park II.

Lazy Trout put another dent in the hopes of Red Lion, while Benks consolidated their third place at the expense of Abbey.

In Division Three, Flying Horse were Horseshoe's latest victims but Windmill matched them in what turned out to be a one-sided event at fellow contenders Prince of Wales.

Ball Haye Green took over at the top of Division Four when they met fellow promotion contenders Hare & Gate. The Gate's consolation came from Mark Millward but the rest were blitzed by Baz Pointon and co.

Blue Mugge II went second courtesy of a good away win at Central I, while Benks III eased their relegation worries against Pride of the Moorlands, who stay rooted to the bottom. Boat Inn are still at the head of affairs in the fifth tier but Valiant are hot on their heels.


Division One

Dyers Arms IV 2 Butchers Arms 7; Ball Haye Tavern I 7 Wellington 2; Ball Haye Tavern II 5 Snooker Club 4; Ashcombe Park 6 Ball Haye Tavern III 3; Dyers Arms II 1 Dyers Arms III 8. Highlights: 180s - N Alcock, E Dunn-Fox (BHT I), R Garbacki (BHT II), A Dickin (Ashcombe), G Scoobie (BHT III). Least darts - 16 E Dunn-Fox; 17 C Needham, R Smith (Butchers ); 17 and 18 (C Barber (Dyers (Dyers III); 18 D Needham (Butchers), N Alcock, G Whitworth (Ashcombe), A Carter (Dyers II). Highest checkouts - 127 W Hall (Dyers III); 116 J Sales (Dyers II).

Division Two

Lazy Trout 5 Red Lion (Waterfall) 4; Travellers Rest I 5 Ashcombe Park I 4; Abbey Inn 3 Benks 6; Ashcombe Park II 4 Travellers Rest II 5. Highlights: 180s - S Bradburn (Travellers II). Least darts - 17 G Bradley (Lazy Trout); 18 S Johnson (Red Lion), S Bradburn; 19 I Keeling (Ashcombe II). Highest checkout - 110 - S Gordby (Benks); 109 S Bradburn.

Division Three

Boat Inn 3 Ashcombe Park 6; Abbey Inn 4 Plough 5; Flying Horse 2 Horseshoe 7; Benks 3 Mill Street Club 6; Prince of Wales 2 Windmill 7. Highlights: 180 - D Hill (Plough). Highest checkouts - 158 G Spooner (Mill Street Club); 112 P Williams (Horseshoe).

Division Four

Mill Street Club 5 Benks IV 4; Blue Mugge I 3 Central Club II 6; Benks III 7 Pride of the Moorlands 2; Central Club I 3 Blue Mugge II 6; Hare & Gate 1 Ball Haye Green Club 8. Highlights: 180s - R Corden (Benks VI), M Millward (Hare & Gate).

Division Five

Snooker Club 5 Benks 4; Bird in Hand 2 Boat Inn 7; Valiant 5 Britannia Inn 4; Rose & Crown 7 Dyers Arms 2.

Division Six

Elmos 5 Flying Horse II 4 ; Benks 9 Fountain 0; Wellington 3 Ball Haye Tavern 6; Priory 3 Lazy Trout 6.

Draw for the league and subsidiary cups, to be played on Monday, December 23:

League Cup

Dyers Arms III v Ball Haye Green Club; Ashcombe Park IV v Horseshoe; Dyers Arms II v Ball Haye Tavern I; Travellers Rest II v Flying Horse I; Ball Haye Tavern III v Butchers Arms; Travellers Rest I v Ball Haye Tavern V; Dyers Arms IV v Red Lion (Waterfall); Benks II v Ashcombe I.

Subsidiary Cup

Mill Street Club II v Blue Mugge I; Central Club I v Wellington II; Prince of Wales v Valiant; Boat Inn II v Snooker Club I; Elmos v Flying Horse III; Blue Mugge II v Dyers Arms I; Plough v ill Street Club I; Benks V v Ashcombe Park III.

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