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Name chosen for giant spider

By Leek Post and Times  |  Posted: May 16, 2014

By Abbey Buxton

  • Chloe Ward

  • Carrie Alcock and Tiny

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FOLLOWING our competition with Rent A Beast to name its new addition, a female Goliath Bird Eating Spider, we have chosen the name 'Tiny'.

The winner is Chloe Ward, aged 14, of Uttoxeter, who won the prize of being able to look after a mini-beast for a week at home, and she chose to look after a stick insect.

She said: "I thought 'Tiny' was a funny name because she's not tiny at all.

"I'm really pleased that I have won and I'm very excited to be looking after a stick insect for a week.

"I like most animals and thought it would be an interesting experience to be able to look after an insect."

Rent A Beast owner Carrie Alcock, aged 34, of Cheadle, said: "Well done to Chloe who was chosen as the winner of the naming competition. I love the name 'Tiny'; it is perfect for her.

"She is doing very well and has settled into her new home.

"She has been out to a few events already and the children who have met her so far absolutely love her.

"Although the species of this spider is generally quite aggressive, she is reasonably calm. She can be a bit flighty, but overall she is pretty chilled out.

"I've had her for three months now and she is still a baby and the size of a side plate, and won't grow until she next sheds her skin.

"We can never predict when that will happen and how many times she will shed and get bigger, but she will eventually be the size of a dinner plate and should live for up to 30 years."

Carrie has been running Rent a Beast for just over a year now and works with schools and doing parties and events across the West and East Midlands.

The next major project is creating eco-systems which will be rented out to schools with a variety of associated mini-beasts, so that children can learn all about how they would be in the wild.

She said: "A lot of schools have habitats on their curriculum so it fits in well.

"My friend makes the eco-systems and then schools can rent them, which is ideal because they are a lot bigger than the individual enclosures and can house many different species.

"At the moment we are focusing on forest eco-systems replicating the forest floor and different canopies.

"They will be ready soon and have just had our first inquiry from a school in Ipstones."

Carrie's next Bug Club event takes place on May 29 at Christ Church Village Hall in Upper Tean.

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