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GCSE results at Westwood College in Leek

By Leek Post and Times  |  Posted: August 21, 2014

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College students’ strong GCSE performance is set to open the door to future opportunities.

Students at Westwood College arrived at the site’s diner this morning to collect long-awaited GCSE results.

There was cheers and smiles as well as a few tears and concerns for the future.

Headteacher Richard Hey said: “Westwood College has a long standing reputation for producing successful students who achieve well. Against a background of concerns nationally about increased thresholds for GCSE achievement our students have produced some really strong performances.”

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The pass rate for this year’s Westwood College GCSE students achieving five or more A*-C grades (or equivalent) was 75 percent and for five including English and Maths it was 56 percent. A total of 99 percent of Year 11 gained five or more A*-G grades and 100 percent achieved at least one grade A*-G.

Mr Hey added: “There was an outstanding performance by students studying Level Two Vocational courses where 52 percent of all the grades were awarded either Merit or Distinction.

“This level of performance has significantly improved the options our students have for life post-16.

“It can be argued that the national averages for five plus A*-C are raised as a consequence of the increase in the number of vocational courses taken nationally, with many schools using these courses to boost their position in league tables.

“Westwood continues to provide a traditional, academic curriculum composed mainly of GCSEs for the vast majority of our students because this is the best curriculum to enable our students to progress to training or Further and Higher Education.

“We will also continue to enable students to have as wide a vocational curriculum as possible where it is the best thing for them.

“Interestingly we are starting to see significant move back towards this type of curriculum and in the future, Government league tables will reflect this and also place far greater emphasis on the progress made by each and every student.

“A number of individual performances have been truly outstanding with 20 achieving at least nine A* or A grades or their equivalent.”

Mr Hey added that the following can be “particularly pleased with their high levels of performance.”

The number in brackets indicates the number of A/A* grades, or their equivalent: Isabella Hinton (10) Annie Hitchen (10), Megan Strutt (11), Cavon Blanchard (11), Francesca Picucci (10), Samantha Alcock (10), Molly Edwards (9), Candice Griffiths (12), Emma Smith (9), David Kay (10), Mark Cooper (14), Abi Smith (13), Callum Dale (11), Emma Jones (15), Rob Dennison (12), Stevie White (9), Adam Cowdy (11), Sam Walker (12), Ruby Morel (10) and Ciara McCarron (11).

Mr Hey said: “In addition Rob Dennison and Mark Cooper both gained grade A in the A level standard Free Standing Maths Qualification and Abi Smith’s GCSE Further Maths result gained the highest possible recognition with the extremely rare A*Distinction grade, making it a nationally significant result.

“There have been impressive successes across the year group and many have the right to feel proud of their achievements.

“Senior Learning Mentors would particularly like to praise: Anna Simmonds, Libby Mills, Sam Wainwright, James Barlow, Millie Lewis, James Owen, David Fryer-Winder and Brandon Breeze for the way they tackled their time through Year Eleven.

“Students, families and staff can all take pride in these results. These achievements are the results of high quality teaching and learning, the high expectations we have of young people and the tremendous support of their parents.

“The majority of students will now go on to further success in the Westwood Sixth Form. To everyone concerned – our very best congratulations.”

What the students said:

Sixteen-year-old Elle Forman admitted that this morning, colecting her GCSE results, had been a nerve-wrecking experience. She said: “I was quite nervous coming into Westwood this morning to collect my results. However, I have passed everything so I now feel really happy with myself.

“I will now be staying on at Westwood Sixth Form to study Art.”

Rob Dennison, aged 16, gained all A*s or As bar one B. He said: “My results are excellent. I did better than I thought I would do.

“I’m now going to study sciences and maths at A level with the hope of going onto University to study engineering.”

Even though Sammi Prince did get the GCSE grades needed to continue on with the A Levels of her choice, the 16-year-old said that she was a little disappointed that she did not come out with the grades that she had hoped. Sammi, who lives in Leek, said: “I just feel that I could have done a bit better. I will now be doing A Levels in maths, physics, chemistry and biology at Westwood Sixth Form.

“I am happy that I have the grades to be able to do those courses, but I am disappointed that I could have done better.”

Emma Jones, aged 16, gained all A*s. The 16-year-old said: “I didn’t think that I would get all A*s.

“I did do a lot of revision for my exams and Westwood has been a good school to study at.

“I was quite scared when I arrived this morning to collect my results.

“I will be moving onto A Levels now in music, both English’s and psychology.”

Westwood College Class of 2014 GCSE Results

(the first number next to each name represents how many GCSEs the student took, and the number in barckets is how many they passed with a C or above)

S Alcock 15(15); M Arnold 9(6); L Bagshaw 12(12); K Bamber 7(3); K Banks 5(3); J Barlow 8(8); J Barlow 10(9); O Barlow-Young 6(2); A Bentley 8(4); K Bethell 13(13); M Birch-Machin 3; C Birley 3(2); C Blanchard 12(11); L Blythe 10(7); J Bode 12(12); P Bonsall 9(5); S Bourne 9(9); E Bowler 8; J Bowman 10(9); F Boyle 10(10); L Bradford 9(4); O Bramley 11(11); B Breeze 9(7); E Briand 10(8); M Bridges-Hale 11(8); J Brough 10(8); C Brown 4(1); L Burnham 11(11); C Buxton 5(3); T Cashmore 8(2); J Challinor 8(6); D Clark 9(2); D Clarke 11(11); C Clowes 9(8); G Clowes 10(7); R Collier 10(8); J Cooper 9(2); L Cooper 10(10); M Cooper 13(13); A Cowdy 13(13); C Critchlow 9(8); C Critchlow 12(11); K Crombie 5; D Culpin-Smith 7(3); C Dale 12(12); S Dale 8(5); E Daly 4(1); H Davies 10(5); C Dawson 11(11); J Dennis 10(10); R Dennison 13(13); J Dow 11(11); W Duffield 8(2); J Edge 6(1); A Edwards 8(6); M Edwards 13(13); M Elliott 9(7); J Emery-Hodge 7(5); M Farr 6(1); E Farrelly 8(1); F Faulder 9(5); K Ferns 11(11); C Finnikin 6(2); J Fisher 9(2); T Flaherty 5(1); E Foreman 10(9); E Foulger 10(9); J Fowler 12(11); D Fryer-Winder 9(6); H Fulcher 10(8); L Gibson 11(8); J Glover 9(6); D Goodwin 12(11); A Gordon 9(9); L Graham 8(4); C Griffiths 11(11); T Hale-Mccallum 10(9); L Hall 9(6); T Hall 8(5); G Hamilton 13(13); J Hancock 5(1); C Hargreaves-Deegan 9(7); D Harper 9(3); J Harris 9(9); S Harrison 12(12); B Haselden 8(6); K Haworth 9(8); W Haywood 10(9); B Heath 8(2); L Heath 10(9); R Hill 7(1); D Hinds 9(6); I Hinton 12(12); A Hitchen 11(11); A Holden 8(6); C Hollins 11(11); S Holloway 10(7); A Hulme 8(3); J Humphreys 11(11); H Jeffery 8(4); E Johnson 12(12); J Johnson 9(6); E Jones 14(14); M Jones 9(8); A Jones-Walker 6(2); S Jones-Walker 8(3); D Kay 13(13); A Kingston 12(12); E Kirby-Oultram 8(1); R Knipe 10(7); M Latham 10(8); J Laverick 9(7); C Lea 6(1); K Leese 10(8); A Lewis 10(6); R Lloyd 5(1); M Magafa 11(10); C Matthews 11(10); S McCaffery 7(3); C McCarron 12(12); A McCarthy 6(1); W Meehan 11(11); J Mellor 9(9); L Mellor 9(8); L Mills 9(7); P Mitchell 8(2); R Morel 13(13); E Mountford 9(8); N Murfin 6(2); L Murray 11(10); A Naden 8(3); C Nixon 8(3); o Number ; D Osovskis 8(3); J Oultram 7(3); J Owen 9(6); D Owens 9(4); N Parton 10(7); E Payton 11(11); S Pedder 10(7); F Picucci 13(13); A Potts 9(9); K Price 6(1); C Prince 8(6); S Prince 12(10); E Rathbone 10(8); M Ray 10(9); T Ray 9(8); J Reid 6(4); A Richards 9(7); J Richardson 11(11); M Ricketts 6(4); G Riley 7(4); J Riley 11(11); H Roberts 6(1); L Robinson 9(7); M Rogers 2; L Ruane 9(6); K Ryder 5; S Salt 8(3); J Saunders 9(7); L Sayers 5(2); O Shanahan 9(6); R Sherratt 11(11); J Sherwin 9(8); D Shilcock 9(5); A Simmonds 9(9); S Skelding 9(4); A Smith 14(14); E Smith 14(14); M Smith 8(4); R Standell 5(1); S Sterian 6(5); G Stevens 7(4); L Stevenson 11(11); R Stickland 12(12); M Strutt 14(14); M Swain 9(7); J Taylor 8(3); E Thomas 10(8); N Tomkinson 8(5); E Towers 5(2); K Trueman 10(9); M Tunnicliff 12(12); J Underwood 8(5); J Vernon 11(10); S Wainwright 5(3); S Walker 13(13); J Watson 8(6); L Weston 7(2); G Wheeldon 10(9); S White 9(9); A Wilkes 6(1); A Wilson 9(8); L Wilson 11(10); J Wood 7(4); H Woolliscroft 6(2).

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