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Fairytale ending for ‘butcher bound’ Will

By MIG: Leek Post and Times  |  Posted: October 04, 2013

  • William

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TWO-YEAR-OLD William is of a lovely temperament and greets visitors to his new home in Leek with a wagging tail.

However, William has not always had such a happy life like he now has with 44-year-old Tracie Tyson and her two other canine friends; Myia and Allie.

William was one of many dogs found crammed in crates on a vehicle which was bound for the village of Tha Reua in Thailand. If not discovered and saved by the charity Soi Dog Foundation, William would have been tortured and killed for the illegal meat trade.

After being checked over by volunteers of the charity, William was then kept in one of the Foundation's clinics on the island of Phuket for quarantine before being transported to Tracie in the UK after she saw online that he needed a new home.

Tracie said: "I saw William's photograph on the Canine Angel's website and just fell in love with him. I was shocked after learning about how he had been found and I thought if I can save at least one of them - it would be good.

"I was lucky because there was a couple of volunteers from Sheffield out at the Soi facility who kept me posted during his quarantine about how he was doing as well as letting me know what sort of characteristics he has.

"We don't know if William had been a pet or a street dog. We also don't know what breeds he is."

Tracie explained that when William arrived at her home in January this year, it did take him a little to get used to his new surroundings.

Tracie said: "He was a little bit nervous of Myia and Allie but they soon got used to each other and they all get on really well now.

"William also took a while to get used to being in the house too - at first he didn't know how to get up and down stairs."

The Soi Dog Foundation has saved thousands of dogs from the illegal Thai dog meat trade since it's formation in 2003. The dogs that are saved are re homed all over the world.

Tracie, who is a mum-of-two, said: "What is going on out in Thailand is just awful. It is totally inhumane and barbaric.

"Yes I have had some stick for adopting a dog from abroad rather than one from our own country but there is much worse things going on out there than here.

"I would adopt millions of dogs who are saved from the Thai meat trade if I could.

"The Soi Dog Foundation is a fantastic organisation but it does have a big battle to fight."


Information about the Thai Dog Meat Trade from the Soi Dog Foundation.

Every year tens of thousands of dogs are inhumanely transported from Thailand to neighbouring countries where they are butchered by cruel and barbaric methods.

However, the Soi Dog Foundation and the Thai government are actively working to end this appalling practice.

The conditions under which the dogs are transported and slaughtered are inhumane and many die from suffocation long before they reach neighbouring countries. In reality these are the lucky ones.

Those that are still alive are not humanely killed many are tortured often for hours before being skinned alive. The reason for this is that people believe that the pain inflicted leads to the tenderising of the meat.

Most shocking of all, is that some dogs are still alive when their fur is removed.

However progress is being made.

Soi Dog with other animal welfare groups has presented draft legislation to the Thai Parliament for strong animal welfare laws to be enacted. This tragic trade is condemned by the majority of Thailand's population. However the practice still continues. Only through your help can this inhumane action stop. Since active campaigning was begun in late 2011 more arrests of smugglers have occurred than during any time in the past.

In late 2011 arrests were made in the north-eastern province of Nakhom Phanom with more than 1,000 dogs rescued from tiny cages.

Four trucks were intercepted attempting to smuggle the dogs out of the country. The dogs, stacked high in metal cages were being transported to Vietnam for slaughter and consumption. 119 had already died of suffocation in the cramped cages. Since this initial arrest the Royal Thai Police and Royal Thai Navy aided by Soi Dog's undercover investigators have made over 25 more arrests.

These incidences have captured the world's attention and with your help this practice can be stopped. You can help Soi Dog and the Thai government eliminate the pain and suffering of hundreds of thousands of dogs. Please donate today to help Soi Dog continue helping the dogs of Thailand. For further information go online to www.soidog.org.


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