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Bowls round-up

By Leek Post and Times  |  Posted: June 18, 2014

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AN EXCITING evening of competitive bowls culminated in Kevin Boon (Congleton Park) being crowned the 2014 Leek Open champion and taking away £500 in prize money.

Boon beat Joe Williamson 21-17 in a closely-fought final.

In the semi-finals, Leek's Chris Plant narrowly lost to Boon 19-21, after beating Kerry Morris 21-17 in an earlier round. Teenager Plant is definitely one to watch for the future.

Williamson beat Danny Ferris 21-9 to secure his place in the final.


Kevin Boon (Congleton Park) 21 Martin Huxley (M & B) 13; John Guess (Buxton) 12 Chris Plant (Leek B C) 21; Joe Williamson (Birches Head Hotel) 21 Joe Melvin (Middleport) 18; Danny Ferris (Congleton Park) 21 Matt Hill (Milton) 15.


Boon 21 Plant 19 Williamson 21 Ferris 9


Boon 21 Williamson 17.


ENJOYING the fine weather and a good surface at Beggars Lane, Leek comprehensively defeated Wolstanton Private in the Congleton League.

The hosts dropped only two chalks, restricting their opponents to 111. Big wins for Leek came from Alan Franklin and Arthur Naylor.

The B team visited Wolstanton and came away with a 141-132 victory. John Alcock (21-11) looked best.

The C team recorded a solid 148-124 victory at home to local rivals Leek Park. Leek produced five winners, the best of which was Sue Taylor (21-7).

However, Leek A failed to emulate the B team's success on their visit to Alsager Golf and Country, going down 119-134.

The visitors had four winners and four heavy losers on the slow surface, with an abundance of grass.

The second visit of the season by Middleport Park resulted in Leek B winning by 153-148 – a score that reflected the closeness of the contest.

Leek C visited the large, recently-flooded Congleton Park to play the their hosts' B team.

The result was not a surprise, with the visitors losing heavily, but Margaret Bailey and Irene Leigh both won.

In the Stoke-on-Trent League, Leek A lost narrowly 141-135 away to Kingsley.

Leek B continue to do well in Division Five and had a big 162-120 win at home to Westlands. The best winners were Dave Ferns and Dave Stephenson.

In the ladies league, Leek A were too good for Wolstanton and dropped only three chalks through one defeat.

They had single-figure winners in Brenda Fry, Sandra Clark, Pat Alcock and Emma Scragg.

The B team were at Trent Vale and could manage only 104 to 124, though Sue Taylor and Jo Bailey managed to win.

In the Uttoxeter League, Leek B outgunned Henhurst 247-142 at home, losing only one of the 12 games.


Congleton League

Division B

Leek A 166 Wolstanton Private 111

Scores: B Ball 19-21; A Franklin 21-7; A Gayes 21-19; C Plant 21-11; A Naylor 21-8; H Needham 21-15; J Watson/Lazowski 21-13; C Hulme 21-17.

Division C

Wolstanton Private B 132 Leek B 141

Scores: C Taylor 7-21; D Wood 21-13; D Stephenson 21-17; D Hollinshead 9-21; E Hollinshead 21-13; M Wood 21-15; Pat Alcock 20-21; J Alcock 21-11.

Division D

Leek C 148 Leek Park 124

Scores: R Trafford 13-21; B Trafford 21-18; J Watson 21-11; E Scragg 21-13; J Bailey 17-21; S Taylor 21-7; B Fry 21-12; M Wheatley 13-21.

Congleton Veterans League

Division A

Alsager Golf 134 Leek A 119

Scores: T Hague 6-21; E Hollinshead 21-4; S Clark 21-20; A Franklin 21-14; D Hollinshead 4-21; C Hulme 21-12; H Needham 13-21, B Ball 12-21.

Leek B 153 Middleport Park 148

Scores: C Taylor 21-16; M Wood 21-15; D Wood 19-21; N Naylor 18-21; B Fry 21-20; D Turner 21-13; M Turner 17-21; P Alcock 15-21.

Division C

Congleton Park B 157 Leek C 94

Scores: J Bailey 16-21; M Bailey 21-17; I Leigh 21-14; Margaret Perkin 11-21; G Smith 7-21; J Smith 4-21; J Peacock 3-21; Jo Bailey 11-21.

Stoke-on-Trent League

Division Two

Kingsley 141 Leek A 135

Scores: A Franklin 21-14; A Gayes 10-21; A Naylor 21-14; C Hulme 16-21; C Plant 21-14; B Ball 10-21; H Needham 21-15; J Watson/Lazowski 15-21.

Division Four

Leek B 162 Westlands B 120

Scores: J Walton 21-12; C Taylor 21-14; D Hollinshead 15-21; D Ferns 21-11; B James 21-16; J Bailey 21-16; D Stephenson 21-11; M Wheatley 21-17.

Ladies League

Division One

Leek A 144 Wolstanton 83

Scores: S Clark 21-7; Pat Alcock 21-8; E Scragg 21-9; B Fry 21-6; M Wood 21-19; J Watson 18-21; M Turner 21-13.

Division Four

Trent Vale 124 Leek B 104

Scores: S Taylor 21-8; I Leigh 15-21; M Bailey 1-21; B Trafford 19-21; K Scragg 21-15; Jo Bailey 21-17; A Meakin 6-21.

Uttoxeter League

Division Two

Leek B 247 Henhurst 142

Scores: Doubles - J Watson/Lazowski /D Ferns 21-12; T Hague/B James 21-11; E Scragg/C Plant 21-3; J Watson/F Pogmore 21-12. Singles - J Watson/Lazowski 21-11; D Ferns 21-16; T Hague 21-10; B James 16-21; E Scragg 21-9; C Plant 21-16; J Watson 21-11; F Pogmore 21-9.

Leek Park

IT WAS another poor week for Leek Park. Only the Wednesday A team enjoyed success, with a home win over Tittensor by 52 points.

In the Congleton League, Birches Head Hotel were the visitors, and they came out winners by a narrow nine-point margin.

Leek Park B made the journey to Goldenhill and scored only 52 points on a fast and tricky green.

On Thursday, an away day at Audley saw Park record a decent 161 points.

Saturday saw the Bees suffering a disappointing home defeat at the hands of Etruria, with a poor 143 points.

Burslem CC played hosts to the A team and declared on 210 points to the visitors' 93.


Leek Park 135 Birches Head Hotel 144

Scores: R Green 5-21; M Bowcock 20-21; R Smith 21-13; N Heath 21-8; D Scragg 21-20; A Birks 9-21; K Holdway 21-19; I Dickin 17-21.

Leek Park A 154 Tittensor 102

Scores: R Alcock 21-11; R Trafford 21-3; R Tidmarsh 21-20; B Scragg 21-8; R Whilock 7-21; T Wardle 21-19; M Bowcock 21-15; D Scragg 21-5.

Goldenhill WMC 168 Leek Park B 51

Scores: N Heath 10-21; B Garner 8-21; D Johnson 2-21; A Birks 12-21; I Dickin 10-21; R Smith 7-21; K Holdway 6-21; A Singh 6-21.

Audley 185 Leek Park 161

Scores: N Heath 21-6; D Johnson 6-21; R Trafford 21-15; A Birks 16-21; K Holdway 21-17; R Green 9-21; M Perkin 16-21; J Turnock 16-21; S Bond 7-21; D Singh 18-21.

Burslem CC 210 Leek Park 93

Scores: R Alcock 9-21; E Alcock 12-21; M Perkin 5-21; R Green 3-21; I Dickin 8-21; K Holdway 12-21; J Plant 18-21; B Bowcock 4-21; N Heath 13-21; D Scragg 9-21.

Leek Park Bees 143 Etruria 184

Scores: P Heath 13-21; A Barr 12-21; R Trafford 21-10; B Trafford 9-21; R Whilock 4-21; T Wardle 21-14; M Bowcock 21-17; R Tidmarsh 21-17; D Johnson 15-21; B Scragg 6-21.

Leek Park Ladies

THE WEEK started well, with Elaine Wheeldon and Margaret Perkin winning through to the quarter-finals of the May Smith competition – but it ended on a disappointing note, with club teams suffering league defeats.


Staffordshire Ladies Bowls Association, Division One

Milton Recs 147 Leek Park Ladies One 88

Scores: Elsie Alcock 7-21; Lilian Sims 10-21; Pauline Heath 11-21; Joan Pyne 11- 21; Margaret Perkin 18-21; Linda Tweats 12-21; Patsy Allen 19-21.

Division Four

Leek Park Ladies Two 112 Meir Kings Arms 134

Scores: Jill Peacock 21-20; Elaine Wheeldon 21-18; Daphne Haworth 11-21; Doreen Hughes 15-21; Joan Whitmore 10-21; Carol Parker 13-21; Sylvia Bowcock 21-12.

This week, the first team are at home to title-chasing Milton Recs, while the second team face a mid-table battle at Meir Kings Arms.

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